How does it work?

- a design park -

ESF Designs is a little different then a typical design company, because when you think of the word design you usually have to categorize what it is you are designing. Why does the word design have to be categorized so specifically? For example if you were to be an interior designer, but you enjoy graphics design, clothes design, and even architectural design, why can’t you enjoy all of them? We want to create an outlet for those who just simply want to design. Without the feeling of being pressured into having to limit their potential to only one specific area.

Graphic Foundation

The primary foundation of any ESF graphics design, is done using the skill sets demonstrated through Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver. What we offer is the ability to take any explained, creative thought, and project it into what you’re looking for. Without you having to do the work of, not only contemplating exactly how you want it to look, but by creating exactly what it is you are thinking of.

PSD Designs

Every PSD document has multiple detailed layers, with each element containing presets that have been set to match the exact look and feel of a specific design. This allows full control over all the details in a layout where the tedious work has already been done. For many design projects the most time consuming work is in the smallest details, the reason being is because when you set out to create an overall look and feel that is tailored exactly to how it’s being used, the smallest details are what create the most dramatic effect. It does this even if you are not consciously aware of the specific details because your eyes subconsciously tell your brain to feel a certain way without you needing to know it’s happening. This is the same reason design is over looked because a very large part of the effect it has on consumers is subconscious, leaving huge sales potential in marketing and product advertising due to not coming off as over selling.